Hotel and Casino Injuries

More than 35 million visitors a year come to Las Vegas to enjoy the city’s hotels and casinos. They are the lifeblood of our economy, but they also provide a venue for injuries, criminal assaults, and other types of wrongdoing, some of which are specific to this unique environment.

Every property owner owes a legal duty to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition, and the owners of casinos and hotels are no exception. With the large numbers of people visiting our world-famous casinos and hotels, owners need to be constantly vigilant and to keep their property in good repair, promptly remedying any maintenance issues that should arise—and arise they will with the volume of use they are subjected to. Considering the profits these owners rake in around the clock, it should not be a problem to conduct regular inspections for safety issues, including guest security in rooms, common areas, and pool area; keeping, stairways, parking lots, walkways, entrances, staircases, and all common areas well lit and free of hazards; and keeping elevators and escalators in proper repair. And yet lapses occur with altogether too much regularity, causing injuries and even fatalities to visitors who only expected to have a good time.

Eric Woods has been a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer for more than thirty years, with a stellar record in recovering money for his clients in casino and hotel premises liability cases. During his long and successful legal career, he has helped numerous visitors and Las Vegas residents who have been injured or suffered harm as a result of poor maintenance, improper conduct, and company negligence in the city’s casinos and hotels.

Negligent Security

Violent crimes occur everywhere, more than we like to acknowledge. Las Vegas is no exception. The safety of our city’s guests and residents is of paramount importance and a legal duty of premises owners, who have a responsibility to keep their property free of criminal activity that could cause injury or death.

That means hotels and casinos must have appropriate security measures in place to prevent violent crimes, such as armed robbery, sexual assault, abduction, homicide, or assault and battery. They will need private security guards charged with the safety of their visitors, and should have in place safeguards including security personnel at all entrances, secure gates and windows, and bright lighting in hallways, stairwells, parking garages, elevators, and restrooms. In addition, they should routinely conduct background checks on all employees to eliminate any with a history of a violent crime.

Proving Casino/Hotel Negligence: Elements of Premises Liability

Eric Woods has been around Las Vegas for a long time. He knows the gambling and hospitality industries, how they operate, and how they may fall short of their legal responsibilities. As a lawyer with decades of experience practicing personal injury law exclusively, he knows how to prove every type of premises liability case in order to win compensation for his clients. These are the elements of that he will prove to obtain the settlement that you deserve:

  • That the owner, operator, or management of the casino or hotel caused or allowed the hazardous condition to exist
  • That the owner, operator, or management either knew or should have known of the danger
  • That they did not take reasonable steps to remedy the situation in a timely manner
  • That as a direct result of the hazardous situation, you were injured and you suffered damages
  • The unsafe condition was the proximate cause of your damages

When you need to have an attorney who knows how casinos and hotels in Las Vegas operate and how Nevada law applies to incidents that take place there, call the law offices of Eric Woods. Eric and his team of investigators will gather evidence, take photographs, identify witnesses, and carefully document the circumstances that led to the injury or wrongful detention. He will require production of the casino’s security video and conduct research to discover if the casino has racked up a history of similar incidents, and he will determine what insurance coverage is available to pay your claim.

Eric Woods has been practicing law in Las Vegas for more than thirty years, making him one of the most experienced attorneys in the city and the best choice for your personal injury, wrongful death, or wrongful detention case. Eric knows casinos, knows the law, and knows how to settle a valid claim to your best advantage.

Act While There’s Still Time

You have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury, wrongful death, or wrongful detention claim in Nevada. Pick up the phone and call Eric Woods today, so he can begin to investigate what happened while evidence is fresh. The consultation is free.

Eric will document your losses by obtaining your medical records to prove your injuries, employment records to document your lost earnings, and other documentation to prove your out-of-pocket expenses. He will also demonstrate your non-economic losses, including pain, suffering, emotional anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, disfigurement, inconvenience, and others, and will handle all communications with casino management and their insurance company.

Many casinos and hotels are self-insured or insured with high deductibles, and they rigorously defend against liability claims that could eat into their profits. You should never make a recorded statement or sign any authorizations or releases unless instructed to do so by your attorney. All such requests should be referred to your lawyer to protect your right to compensation.

Eric Woods has a reputation as a tough negotiator with an excellent record of settling personal injury cases out of court. One reason he is so successful at obtaining large settlement offers is that it is known in the legal community that he will never back down until a client is offered an appropriate settlement—one that covers all economic and non-economic injuries. He is more than willing to take a case to a jury when necessary.

Time is of the Essence

Nevada law places time limits called statutes of limitations on filing civil cases, so it is important to contact Eric as soon after the incident as possible. You won’t pay for the consultation, and you won’t pay legal fees or expenses unless you win money to settle your claim, so call now before the time expires.